Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Direct Primary care?

    Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare where patients receive individualized quality care from a provider for a low, flat monthly fee.

  2. Do I still need insurance?

    Yes, Cinq care will be able to take care of all your primary care needs but we are not a one stop shop. We want to be sure you have access to emergency care in the event you ever need it therefore keeping an insurance policy is important. But you may be able to change your policy to be more affordable as Cinq care will give you a provider-patient relationship unlike any other.

  3. Why is joining Cinq care a great supplement to my regular primary care?

    We all have been there, you have been feeling sick for days and are looking for relief. You call to get an appointment with your insurance assigned PCP but the next appointment isn’t for 3 weeks. By then you would have suffered through your symptoms and will be fine. Wouldn’t it be great to have a provider who knows you ready at your fingers tips with the ability to address your needs within hours. That is the advantage of Cinq care

  4. Do you offer Telemedicine visit?

    Yes! In fact we prefer most of our visits be performed in this manner if appropriate in order to allow you more time for the things that matter most to you. There are other telemedicine providers out there but they will not carry the same rapport with you as your provider will here at Cinq Care.

  5. I rarely get sick, do I need a Primary care provider?

    Of course you do! One miss conception is that you only need a provider once your sick. Can you imagine if we took our health from a proactive approach how much wellness we could achieve? Regular check up make sick visits so much easier. Not only do you know who to call, you have someone who knows you well and can be there for you when your not feeling your best.

  6. I have a lot of medical problems, is Cinq care & wellness right for me?

    Yes! Conventional care models are often rushing through overbooked patient schedules and providers can only give you 15 minutes of their time. Patient feel rushed and not listened to. With Cinq care you have a direct line of communication with your primary care provider. No need to wait weeks to get your medication questions answered or urgent needs addressed. We pride ourselves in providing quality care no matter how small or complex the problem is.

  7. Hablan espanol?

    Sí, nuestro proveedor habla español con fluidez y sabe lo importante que es tener una buena comunicación con sus proveedores de atención médica.

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