Membership and Services

No more long waits, no middle guys, Cinq Care is putting patients and their needs first.

16 – 35 years old


per month

36 -55 years old


per month

55+ years old


per month

All memberships require a non-refundable enrollment fee. Additional family members may be added to membership at a discounted price. Minimum 12-month contract, can cancel early without penalty. Actual Membership fees are up to the discretion of the practice manager.

Monthly Fee Includes:

  • Extended office visits (30-60 minutes)
  • Virtual visits (email, text, video chat) available after hours
  • Preventative visits (annual physical or wellness check)
  • Sports/Academic Physicals
  • Weight Loss/Management
  • Chronic disease management ( ie diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, COPD, etc)
  • Urgent/sick care visits
  • Coordination of specialty visits
  • Medical Leave paperwork
  • Aftercare for hospital or post-acute visits
  • LGBT care
  • Gender Transition Care
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Hospice care
  • Pre-Op clearance
  • Sports/school physicals
  • Contraception management
  • Senior Care
  • Multi-disciplinary coordination of care
  • Family Care Coordination
  • Wellness and Preventative Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • Mental health treatment and management
  • Discounted lab/blood draw/radiology through our community party partners

Services Not Included:

  • Immunizations (referred to  health department)
  • Radiology ( we have partners who will do imaging at low cost cash pricing without no pre-authorizations required)
  • Labs  (we have partners who will do labs for  discounted cash prices though our membership )
  • Hospital stays (Advocacy provided for our members)
  • Pathology fees
  • Surgical/Procedure fees
  • ER visits
  • Specialist visits/care
  • Physical therapy

Don’t Want to join the Cinq Care membership?

We will be happy to see you! Our one time Visit fee is $130 or Our Telemed Visit fee is $75. You will receive personalized care from our great team but please understand establishing a primary care is an invaluable asset to your health and well being. 

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